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Best kept cold, between 32-34 degrees F, in a well-ventilated box and kept covered with paper or cardboard. Mixed Shiitake average between 30-35 pieces per pound, Medium Shiitake average 25-30 pieces per pound, and Large Shiitake average between 20-25 pieces per pound. Prized for its meaty, chewy consistency, its flavor is very distinctive and works well with other flavors from meats, vegetables and fresh herbs. Sliced they are a great substitute for white mushrooms, or they may be stuffed and baked for a great appetizer. Their stems may be dried and chopped for use as a thickener for soups and sauces, too. Store mushrooms between 32-34 degrees F, in a well-ventilated box with a paper or cardboard cover, and keep dry. Mushrooms neither produce, nor are affected by ethylene gas. Store away from odoriferous foods.