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Our Story

General Manager, Randy Workman and Warehouse Manager, Ivan Hernandez opened Coosemans Phoenix in the summer of 2005. Randy and Ivan worked together for a number of years at Coosemans-Denver and they brought their enthusiasm, knowledge and talent to the Valley of the Sun and they’ve been shining-brighter with each passing year.

Together, they are continuing the tradition of fulfilling orders and exceeding customer expectations. If you’re a foodservice operator or retailer in Arizona, then contact us today and get connected to one of the world’s leading produce and fresh herb networks, today!

Mission Statement

Coosemans Phoenix, LLC is a versatile produce company dedicated to providing its customers with the freshest produce available including: fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, specialty and organic produce. Our local and global networks provide us with some of the most amazing produce throughout the year! We believe that fresh produce is essential to a healthy lifestyle and we’re passionate about getting more produce onto more plates!