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Fresh Italian Chestnuts

~ it's time for this holiday favorite

~ "roast over an open fire"

~ add fresh chestnuts to stuffings, soups, sauces, baked goods, and side dishes (see recipe pg. 3)

~ combine with flavors of sausages, apples, fresh herbs, rich meats or poultries, pearl onions, brandy, or cream




"Yammies" - ORGANIC Assorted Baby Sweet Potatoes (Beauregard, Garnet, O'Henry & Murasaki Varieties)

~ assorted mix of red, orange, and white sweet potatoes

~ cook and enjoy with skin, or peel if desired

~ "twice-bake" and add a glazed marshmallow topping, yum

~ saute, roast, or steam

~ create our own side dish with flavors of cinnamon, maple glaze, ginger, brown sugar, fresh thyme, or butter


 Holiday Onions

Assorted Pearl Onions - red, white, and gold

~ just the flavor your holiday dish needs

~ add 3-color pearl onions to vegetable blends, stuffings, soups, and sauces

~ roast with olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette for a tender, delicious Thanksgiving side dish

~ pearl onions add a welcome flavor burst to holiday steaks, roast turkey, lamb, pork & salmon

~ combine with fresh chestnuts, French beans and/or baby carrots


Fresh & Wild: 

Fresh Black Trumpet Mushrooms (shown below), Golden Chanterelles & Matsutake Mushrooms available.

Seabeans availalbe.
Frozen Porcinis and Huckleberries available.




 Please note the "pre-order" items require 1 -2 day lead time

 Baby Red, Candy & Gold Beets are in stock.
Chinese & Japanese Eggplant are in stock
Okra low supply.
Chinese Long Beans are available for pre-order.

Cactus Leaves are in stock.
Baby French Beans are in stock.
Mini Sweet Peppers are available for pre-order.
Parsnips are in stock.
White Belgian Endive are in stock.

Red Endive is available for pre-order
Fennel Root is in stock.
Baby Sunburst Squash, Green Patty Pans & Baby Zucchinis are in stock.

Broccolini available for pre-order.
Baby Peeled Carrots are in stock.
Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes are in stock.
Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes are in stock.
Baby Fennel Is in stock.
Snow & Snap Peas are in stock.

Red, White & Purple Fingerlings are in stock.
Mixed Marble Potatoes are available for pre-order. Great for a Red White & Blue Potato Salad.
Purple "A" Potatoes are in stock.
Baby French Carrots are in stock.
Baby Peeled Rainbow Carrots are in NOW in stock.
Red Chard in Stock, Rainbow Chard available for pre-order.
White Beech, Brown Beech & Maitake Mushrooms are in stock.
Chef's Blend Mushroom Combo Packs are in stock.
Chinese Shiitakes & Oyster Mushrooms are in stock.
Enoki Mushrooms are in stock.
Habanero, Red Fresno & Thai Chiles are in stock.
Celery Root is in stock.
Sweet Onions are in stock.
Pearl Onions are available for pre-order.
Dried Porcinis, Chanterelles & Forest Blend Mushrooms are in stock.
Hot House Cucumber are available for pre-order.
Brazilian Ginger is in stock.
White Asparagus is in stock.
Horseradish Root are in stock.
Rhubarb are available for pre-order.
Fresh Figs low supplies.
Domestic Stone Fruits are availability.

Asian Pears are in stock.

Medjool & Pitted Dates are in stock.
Dried Figs, Dates, Cherries, Cranberries & Apricots are Now in stock.
Baby Pineapples are available for pre-order.

Pepino Melons are available for pre-order.
Kiwano Melons are available for pre-order.
Red D'Anjou Pears are available for pre-order.
Quince low supplies.
Frozen Huckleberries are available for pre-order.
S/L Kiwi in stock.
Pomegranates & Seed Packets are available for pre-order.
Black, Blue & Raspberries are in stock.
Green Plantains are in stock.
Passion Fruit is available for pre-order
Fuji & other Apples are available for pre-order.
Lychees are available for pre-order.
Dragon Fruit are available for pre-order.
Mangosteens are available for pre-order.
Star fruit out of California is out of season

 Holiday Planning:

November 27 - Thanksgiving

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