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Bai Ling MushroomBai Ling MushroomLarge, white, firm-textured mushroom with a mild mushroom flavor.
Beech, WhiteBright white mushroom with long, thin stem and small button-like cap.
CriminiLight Brown mushroom similar in appearance to a button mushroom.
EnokiEnokiGenerally available year round
Hon Shimeji MushroomHon Shimeji Mushroom
King Oyster Mushroom, bulkKing Oyster Mushroom, bulk
MaitakeCluster mushroom, medium brown in color with fan-like layers.
MSFOYS5#Oyster Mushroom 5#Generally available all year
PortobelloPortobelloAvailable all year from the USA.
ShiitakeShiitakeAvailable all year
Woodear Mushroom 5#Very wet, and with a consistency and look of fresh liver, the woodear is best used in soups and stir-fry, where it absorbs flavors well, while maintaining a somewhat crunchy and sweet flavor.