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Florida starfruit, which is smaller than the Taiwan variety, is in season now. The bright yellow/green skin is edible. Starfruit tastes like a combination of green apple, lemon, and grapes. Cold crisp starfruit is a lovely garnish for spicy Asian or Latin inspired dish. And substitute starfruit - also called "Carambola" - for crackers. Top starfruit slices with cheese, or herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon, or minted fruit salsa. Keep in mind - a little browning along the edges is normal when the fruit is ripe.


The Coosemans signature vegetable - Belgian endive. You'll love the exotic bitter/earthy flavor of this wonderful chicory. Raw endive adds crisp texture and amazing flavor to salads - julienne, and toss with torn radicchio leaves, halved baby heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella pieces, and a splash of champagne vinaigrette. Also great on the grill, or braised.

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